By  Dre Thibault

Our aging companions can suffer from defferent health conditions that may go unnoticed.

Age is not a disease, but aging animals are more susceptible to organ failures (i.e.: renal failure, diabetes...). In order to detect these conditions, regular exams at your veterinarian is recommended, as well as annual blood work and urine test.

Signs of a health condition are not necessarily noticed by the owners and are not always perceivable during a physical exam alone. In these cases, blood tests and urinalysis can give the necessary information for a diagnosis.

Early detection can permit to establish a proper treatment to control a health condition before your pet becomes too affected by it. The goal of the treatment is also to make your companion more comfortable, in which they may benefit from an early diagnosis.

Ask your veterinarian for a bloodwork up and urinalysis for a healthy aging animal.

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