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Appointments can be taken every day for annual check ups, vaccinations, heartworm tests, treatments/ preventions against certain parasites (fleas, intestinal parasites, dirofilariosis).

We care to do the follow-ups of our patients with chronic diseases (follow-ups for arterial pressure by electric doppler, ocular tonometry, allergies, cardiac diseases, osteoarthritis, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, renal failure).

Health exams are also lapin-cropavailable for rabbits, ferrets, and rodents.

Canine vaccinations: para-influenza, adenovirus, leptospirosis, distemper, bordetella, rabies and lyme.

Feline vaccinations: panleukopenia, rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, leukemia and rabies

For dogs and cats we recommend doing the initial set of vaccinations at 8 weeks old.  The boosters follow at 12 and 16 weeks, and one year later.  We follow the vaccination protocol of the Faculty of Veterinarian Medicine of L’Université de Montréal.