Anick St-Germain

Since my early days, I have always been around animals. Cats, dogs, turtles, rabbits, hamsters and fish were part of the household. The apple did not fall far from the tree as my parents were also animal lovers. I would observe water snakes and salamanders in the woods behind my house and feed skunks and squirrels.

I was also helping worms so they would not dry on the asphalt and made sure frogs would not be run over by cars by putting them back in the woods and way from roads. Despite all that, I did not know what I wanted to for a career and had not thought of becoming an animal health technician. However, it was clear that animals would always be an important part of my life even though I did not think they would be a part of my work-life. I was planning on studying literature at University, but life had other plans…

At the end of Cegep, I heard some friends of the family talking about a major case of animal cruelty where 262 dogs had been rescued for a breeding farm. This got to me, so I volunteered to help out. I was asked to care for the dogs during the night as they could not find volunteers to do it. The next morning, I was offered a job for the duration of this case. As I was still in school, I worked with those dogs on weekends, and then full time after school ended. The whole process lasted about 6 months. I was caring for their physical health as well as their emotional health. Most of the dogs had never walked on grass, did not know how to play and had never had positive interactions with humans. It was marvelous to see them evolve in their new environment and learn to trust humans.

The following years, I completed other training programs in animal behavior and I am still passionate by the emotional life of animals. I am an animal health technician since 1997… and I have never regretted it!