Daphnée Rizzonelli

My love of animals led me to work for with them. Since childhood, I have always have pets around me and it is thus important for me to have an animal companion. What I prefer in my career is that empowers me to comfort and treat animals. I began my career at Montreal’s SPCA where I worked as a technician and mainly cared for sick animals. It was incredibly gratifying when my patients got better and could return home.

I then worked with laboratory animals such as rabbits, rats, mice, guinea pigs and actual pigs. I was taking care of them, provided enrichment for the environment and made sure they were comfortable. I came back to small animal practice because I missed the human connection with clients.

Working in this field is like having a second family, which I find indispensable. I do not think there is a more valorizing and interesting job, despite the intense emotions that we share every day with our clients and colleagues.