Emilie Latreille

Like most people in my field, I always loved animals. I had many pets during my childhood: my parents’ cat, a goldfish that survived winter, an extraordinary dog and finally an adorable cat. It was thus an easy choice when it came to continuing my studies as I chose to pursue the career of animal health technician.

During my schooling, I discovered that being an animal health technician is a lot more than cuddling animals. It means that you are a nurse, an anesthetist, dental hygienist, nutritionist, radiologist, surgical assistant, educator, laboratory technician, physiotherapist and even more.

While working in clinics and laboratories during my studies, I confirmed that my passion was to help our furry friends. As an animal technician, I find it rewarding to create a unique bond with my patients and their owners.

During my last year of studies, I also discovered an interest for customer service and management. It is not always an easy task, but I find it rewarding. I worked for nearly 2 years as a receptionist at an amusement center for kids where I had the opportunity of creating a bond with wonderful clients, kids as well as adults and a wonderful team of entertainers. I then graduated in 2011 and I began working at Hôpital Vétérinaire St-Lambert shortly after. I was quickly offered the opportunity to work primarily at the front desk. I jumped at this opportunity as I had recently developed my aforementioned interest for customer service. I love this work as it enables me to get to know clients and to forge a bond with them over time.

It is incredibly rewarding to be able to daily help our clients by taking care of their pets as well as reassuring them by answering their questions when they are facing a difficult time when their animal is sick, whether in person or by phone. It is a great pleasure to see their smile after we help bring their animal companion back to health.

It is for all those reasons that I give my all every day for our clients and our patients.