Roxanne Giguère-Croteau

Since my early days, I have always loved animals and insects. I used to domesticate squirrels and chipmunks and I would catch all type of insects and care for them in a vivarium. I would also get along very well with all the cats and dogs I would meet. Animals have always been my passion, so pursuing a career as an animal technician was a no-brainer. After 3 years of study and 3 internships, I began my career working with laboratory animals. I thus had the opportunity to work with primates, pigs, rodents and rabbits. After 2 years, I decided to make a change and orient myself towards cat and dog medicine. In this field, I discovered the unique connection a technician can have with animals and their owners. I also discovered that there is nothing more gratifying than to see the joy on a client’s face after helping to heal their animal. My choice of career is also confirmed every time I cat cuddles me after his surgery or when I hold a kitten or a puppy when they come in for their first exam. Being an animal health technician is my commitment, helping animals is my motivation and love for animals is my passion.