Équipement laboratoire

In house laboratories

Our in-house laboratory enables us to have results for all common tests in less than an hour.

Our professional team can perform the following tests: full blood workup (biochemistry, hematology, thyroid analysis and blood gases), urine analysis and stool analysis (for intestinal parasite detection).

Tests for heartworm, lyme, anaplasmosis and erlichiosis.
Snap test for pancreatitis (Cpli/Fpli), canine parvovirus, feline leukemia and AIDS.

Several other tests are available in external laboratories. Contact us for more details.


Our hospital offers top of the line imaging services.

Ultrasounds are performed by our veterinarians. We also have a team imaging specialists we can call upon that can come to our hospital.

Digital radiographs can be taken of any part of your animal’s body, even for dentistry purposes.

We also have access to cardiologists that can come evaluate your animal’s heart using ultrasound.

Équipement imagerie