Is your 8 years old Labrador having difficulty standing up or going up or down the stairs? Your 13 years old Abyssinian cat does use his cat tree as much as he used to? If so, it is possible your pet suffers from arthrosis!

Arthrosis is a degenerative condition of the joint’s cartilage that causes pain.

Articular cartilage is needed to act as cushion for the joints and thus absorb shocks and enable a full use of the limbs.

However, cartilaginous cells (chondrocytes) do not regenerate particularly well, which means that the best way to manage arthrosis is to slow down its progression by different methods.

Managing arthrosis is best done using a multimodal approach involving weight management, appropriate diet, dietary supplements, injection of a chondroprotective agent (cartrophen) and physiotherapy.

Unfortunately, these tools can only slow down arthrosis, thus it is possible that your pet will eventually need anti-inflammatory drugs to manage pain when it gets too intense.

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