Many conditions can affect cats and dogs, especially as they get older, that can cause them pain. Unfortunately, our animals cannot talk to us about what they feel. However, by paying attention, it is possible to detect some signs that they are not comfortable.



A cat can manifest pain in many ways. For example, his gait can become less fluid when they get older and their activity level can decrease.

They can be seen to jump less on furniture and window sill and it can become more difficult to go down and up stairs.

Their personality can also change. For example, your pet can become grumpier or be less inclined to be petted or handled.

Moreover, it is well known that cats spend a significant amount of time grooming themselves. A soiled coat is thus a sign can lead us to suspect that they are in pain.

Finally, your cat can also decrease his intake of food and water when in pain.



A dog expresses pain in similar ways to cats, but with some differences.

A frequent sign of pain in dogs is a decrease in time spent laying down and a stiffer gait than can as far as a limp or intolerance to exercise.

The dog’s behavior can also change. The dog can become more anxious, lose interest in certain toys and seem generally less happy.

A dog in pain can also whine or growl when performing certain movements or when handled.


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