At the beginning of every year, we often make a new year resolution.

These resolutions are often linked to health, especially physical health. This should also apply to our animals.

Whether for us or our pets, physical activity is an important element for overall health.

If paired with optimal nutrition, physical activity can help prevent obesity and other health problems, such as diabetes, joint pain, liver diseases or urinary diseases.

Your veterinarian can help you choose an appropriate diet and help you determine how much you feed your pet every day.

It should be noted that excessive physical activity can have negative health effects , especially if your animal suffers from certain health conditions.

For example, older dogs suffering from arthrosis (a degenrative disease of the joints) can benefit from low intensity exercise, such as walking, swimming or even physiotherapy.

Your animal’s health can worsen if physical activity is too intense, such as running, stopping often, go up or down beds or a couch, etc.

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